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Tubing Bundles

TRACEPAK® & STACKPAK® heat traced tubing bundles; S-LINE® insulated & J-LINE® jacketed tubing.


VIPAK®HEATPAK® & FLEXPAK® winterizing enclosures for process instruments.

Instrument Stands

SADDLEPAK® modular support system for field-mounted instruments.


O'BrienServicesTM design optimization, applications engineering, global logistics, factory installations & field services.



Analytical                        Instrumentation
Monitoring (CEM)             Piping & Utilities 




Offshore      Oil Sands 

Power         Refining and Chemical 


News & Events
NEW On-Line TRACEPAK Configuration Tool

O'Brien launches a new on-line web based configuration tool for TRACEPAK tubing bundles. The new tool will configure most tubing bundles and if a requested configuration is beyond the capabilities of the program it will send the input data you have provided to our sales team for the application specialists.

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