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Order Form & Estimating Guide
  Directions: Please provide information in Piping, Elbows, Tracer tubing and S-Line Preinsulated tubing sections required for the project.
Send completed form to
sales.obrien@ametek.com or click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

If engineering or application support is required please send inquiry to applicationsupport.obrien@ametek.com. An application support specialist will contact you.
  Project Information  
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  Street Address 1  
  Street Address 2  
  State / Province  
  Zip / Postal Code  
  TraceBOOST process application (i.e. Asphalt):  
  TraceBOOST Piping - specify pipe size, length and number of TraceBOOST tracing circuits on each length.  
  Elbow Size (NPS) Length Number of Tracers Qty Part Number  
        Total of Straight Enhancer  
        Qty Part Number  
  TraceBOOST Elbows - specify elbow size, angle, orientation and quantity  
  Elbow Size (NPS) 90 or 45 Orientation Qty Part Number  
  HTC - Heat Transfer Compound - (gal.)  
  Banding (100" roll)  
  Buckles (100" box)  
  Banding Tool (each)  
  TraceBOOST Putty Knife (each)  
  Tracer Tubing  
  Selection   Suggested Additional  
        Qty Part Number  
  S-LINE Pre-Insulated Tubing  
  Number of Tracing Circuits    
  Average Length of Steam Supply Lines    
  Average Length of Condensate Return Lines    
        Qty Part Number  
  S-LINE and Tubing Installation Tools  
  Qty Part Number Description      
  TPMJST4614 Combination coiled tubing payout and straightener. It accommodates tracer tubing spools up to 14" in width. The five roll tube straightener can also be used hand held. Features no-lift loading and backlash brake.  
  TPMJST6036 Spool stand and straightener for S-LINE bundle. It accomodates spools up to 36" in width. Features no-lift loading and backlash brake.